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Floral No. 1

Sanhe “Huaxiang No.1” Tieguanyin is collected from an altitude of 900 meters.

Careful conservation of tea trees of the age of more than 5 years in Sanhe Tieguanyin Ecological Tea Garden



Sanhe “Huaxiang No.1” Tieguanyin is a tea tree of the age of the top organic ecological tea garden in the “Yunzhongshan Nature Reserve” of Anxi Tieguanyin. It is a famous teacher who has experienced the vicissitudes of life and is dedicated to the traditional craftsmanship. The tea king “Wu Rongshan personally blends the fragrance type, showing that the Tieguanyin has the capacity and the nobleness, and the floral fragrance that can be blended into the noble taste every season is less than one hundred kilograms. Huaxiang No.1, with extraordinary temperament, gathers a variety of floral fragrances, contains a variety of flavors, the shape is round and fat, the color is green and green, and the sand is green. After brewing, the aroma is clear and fresh, the fragrance is fragrant, the soup is golden and bright, and the taste is delicious. The fresh alcohol is sweet and refreshing, the rhythm is obvious, the water is fragrant, and the throat is smooth and delicate.

Product Type: Tie Guanyin · Fragrance
Specifications: 1 box / 250 g
Quality level: premium


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