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Little White

Fuding White Tea·White Peony

Produced in May 2016

Fresh, long lasting, sweet and slightly sweet


Bai Peony Tea is the main variety of Fujian white tea. It is mainly produced in Fujian Fuding, Zhenghe and other places. It is a famous historical tea in Fujian; Xiaobai·White Peony is selected from Fuding Dabai and Fuding Daquan Spring Tea Green. The shape is heart-rough, the leaves are tender and tender, the leaves are gray-green, and the silver-white heart is sandwiched with a heart-shaped heart. The leaves are covered with white fur; the leaves are fresh and long-lasting after brewing; the taste is slightly sweet; the soup is bright yellow. Or orange yellow is clear; the bottom of the leaves is tender and complete, the veins are reddish, and it is clothed in the green leaves. It has the reputation of “red dressing”. Xiaobai·White Peony, produced in May 2016, collects and tastes two suitable.

Product Type: White Tea · White Peony
Specifications: 100g
Quality level: Level


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