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True Colour

Taken from Anxi “Yunzhongshan Nature Reserve”

More than 5 years in the ecological tea garden at 800 meters above sea level

Alcohol is the true color of good tea


Sanhe “Essence” Tieguanyin raw materials are collected from Anxi “Yunzhongshan Nature Reserve”, and the three-year-old tea masters inherit the centuries-old production process, together with the unconstrained focus on the production, only a few dozen pounds of the best in each season. The taste of successful people is very rare. The true color of the hero. Fragrance-free and colorless is the true color of good water. Charm to alcohol is the true color of good tea. The color of the shape is round and fat, the color is green and green, the sand is green with the color of the treasure. After the brewing, it smells bright, the long and sharp, the flowers and fruit are full, and the soup is golden, translucent, tasteful, fresh and sweet. The rhythm is very strong, the throat is smooth and round, and the water is floral.

Product Type: Tie Guanyin • Fragrance
Specifications: 1 box / 126 grams
Quality level: premium


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